Lonely Vectors

Kontinentalist for Singapore Art Museum

As part of the Lonely Vectors exhibition at Singapore Art Museum’s Tanjong Pagar DistriPark, we were commissioned by SAM to produce maps for print and public display that “draw our attention to the fault lines, choke points, exclusive zonings and infrastructural politics that characterise our global economy”. The publication for Lonely Vectors was designed to cover some of the themes mentioned above, with each textual and visual contribution acting as a key node in the critical mapping of contested global flows, including research-based, reflective or even speculative narratives that suggest how we might engage with these channels and spaces of power.

I collaborated closely with Munirah Mansoor on concept, design and writing, with guidance and inputs from the rest of the team. I scoped the project’s data requirements, to collect the necessary geospatial data and to create the base maps. It was my first-ever museum work– I’m glad that despite the hurdles of collecting data and crafting a narrative across all three maps, that the print publication and exhibit piece were well-received.

2021 - Present
Data Visualization
Bianchi Dy, Munirah Mansoor
Three maps produced for Lonely Vectors exhibition (2021).

We produced three maps for Singapore Art Museum, all on the topic of the hidden networks and forces that shape our world.
  • A micro map on palm oil plantations in Indonesia and Malaysia and their impingement on indigenous tribes and wildlife over the decades
  • A meso map on smart cities, their government initiatives, and their population densities
  • A macro map on the global network of internet submarine cables. High connectivity doesn’t necessarily correlate to freedom of access to the World Wide Web. This was eventually turned into a wall display.

Map of undersea internet cable network and internet freedom scores as choropleth.

The macro map, as displayed at Singapore Art Museum's Tanjong Pagar Distripark