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In my last year of university, I took an elective on Graphic Storytelling and was told during the first class that my “drawings were sh*t” by the instructor– animation veteran Hans Bacher*. But he quickly followed this up with “you should go to life drawing class.”

So I did – starting what is likely a lifelong affair with creating and appreciating figurative art. As I read more drawing books and attended classes, I began to look at both code and drawing as two sides of the same coin. Both have basic concepts and workflows that everyone needs to learn in order to become more skilled. And both require deep technical knowledge of the limits of the medium or programming language in order to produce efficient, effective, expressive art or code. Here is a quick selection of my favorite works.

*His IMDB credits include Production Designer for Disney’s Mulan, which is one of my favorite animated films.

2016 - For as long as I can hold a pencil
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Some of my favorite sketches! I still find it a struggle to use color. I also like to sketch quickly and without stopping to think, so markers and 2B pencil are good mediums.

Exp1 Sample Question

The figure drawing community in Singapore outside of schools is composed of both hobbyists and professional artists. One of the biggest struggles in hosting sessions is finding affordable venues that can accommodate enough participants to cover the cost of the venue and the model, with no profit margins. I organized bi-monthly sessions from 2019 to 2020, sourcing both venues and new models. This series of posters advertising the sessions contains works by my fellow artists Denis, Fanny, Bel, Damien and Chit Seng.