Data Deep Dive: A social media series on data literacy and ethics


I produce episodes for a social media series aimed at teaching data literacy concepts and supporting Asia's data visualization community, housed on Kontinentalist's Instagram. My role in the series includes initial pitching, episode research and writing for episodes on graphical literacy and basic statistics. I work closely with Griselda Gabriele and our assigned illustrator to test the material such that is friendly for data beginners and newcomers, and such that the concepts are immediately applicable to everyday life and standard media consumption habits.

2021 - Present
Bianchi Dy, Griselda Gabriele, Munirah Mansoor, Sabrina Yazid and other writers
Six square slides featuring cover images (left) and sample slides from data literay series `Data Deep Dive`

I work closely with Griselda and the illustrator (either Munirah or Sabrina) to plan the content for episodes. Aside from academic papers, we look to real life examples to illustrate data concepts from visual encodings to probability to bias.