Currently working on
  • Studying the links between mobility, safety and leisure spaces for women and LGBTQ persons across South and Southeast Asian cities
  • Exploring potential use cases for feedback text data from urban planning agencies beyond administrative record keeping
  • Analysing global aviation networks and projecting future aviation demand using network analysis
  • Studying what happened to mobility networks in Singapore during the COVID19 pandemic

  • The New World Order of Airports: A Population and GDP driven model for Forecasting Aviation Demand in 2050
    Science of Cities Symposium, World Cities Summit 2022
    B Dy, A Meeran, A Agrawal, SC Joyce
    Also selected for presentation
  • Limits to Adaptive Capacity of Airports using Aerial Imagery and Machine Learning
    Science of Cities Symposium, World Cities Summit 2022
    A Meeran, B Dy, A Agrawal, SC Joyce

  • B Dy, A Meeran, A Agarwal, SC Joyce, “A new world of airports: forecasting 2050 aviation networks towards sustainable adaptation” in 26th Air Transport Research Society World Conference, Kobe, Japan, 2023
  • B Dy, I Nazim, S Koh, A Chua, “Topics Through Time: Clustering and Visualizing Unstructured Public Feedback for City Planning” under review in Computers, Environment and Urban Society, 2022
  • B Dy, I Nazim, A Poorthuis, SC Joyce, “Improving Visualization Design for Effective Multi-Objective Decision Making” in IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, 2021
  • A Poorthuis, L van der Zee, G Guo, JH Keong, B Dy, “Florence: a Web-based Grammar of Graphics for Making Maps and Learning Cartography” in Cartographic Perspectives, 2020 PDF
  • G Guo, B Dy, N Ibrahim, SC Joyce, A Poorthuis, “Examining Design-Centric Test Participants in Graphical Perception Experiments” in EuroVis (Short Papers), 2020 PDF
  • SC Joyce, G Guo, B Dy, N Ibrahim, A Poorthuis, “Seeing Numbers: Considering the Effect of Presentation of Engineering Data in Design” in IASS Annual Symposium 2019 – Structural Membranes 2019 Form and Force. Barcelona, Spain, 2019 PDF
  • B Dy and R Stouffs, “Combining Geometries and Descriptions A shape grammar plug-in for Grasshopper” in eCAADe - Computing for a Better Tomorrow. Lodz University of Technology, Lodz, Poland, 2018, Volume: 2, pp. 499-598

  • Beyond the Statistics: Finding the ‘Real Story’ Behind Gender Data
    Asian Development Bank 2021 ADB Asia and the Pacific Virtual Gender Forum | The Power to Transform: Gender Equality in Asia and the Pacific
  • Spatial data for communication and investigation
    Brown Institute, Columbia University, The Wrangler

  • 02.526 Interactive Data Visualization
    Teaching assistant, Singapore University of Technology and Design